New Ninja RR Kawasaki Coming Soon

Kawasaki New Ninja RR Coming Soon
Entering the 2012 PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI) as the sole agent in Indonesia Kawasaki will launch four new-generation motor, one of which New Kawasaki Ninja RR.
"Every year, the IMA has always issued a new motor. But in 2012 we will launch several models, including the closest the latest generation of Kawasaki Ninja RR, which was launched at the latest by mid 2012, "explained Reiner M Sitorus, Sales Promotion Department Head, Marketing & Sales Division PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia, when talking with Okezone, Thursday (01/19/2012).

According to Reiner, in the near term is the IMA has prepared a new generation of Ninja RR. Request Ninja RR is endless, from year to year with a capacity of 150 cc motorcycle demand has always been excellent for the IMA. Therefore, the IMA motor sport was re-launched in mid 2012.

"His request Ninja RR in Indonesia is very high. Each month is always dominated every Kawasaki dealer sales throughout Indonesia, "adds Reiner.

Furthermore, Reiner explains, the latest generation of this RR Ninja undergone many changes, especially in terms of look and striping. That bike looks much more sporty and luxurious, especially with the new striping.

"In terms of engine, Ninja RR This latest generation has not changed, the engine remains the same with the previous RR. However, in terms of look and striping undergone many changes. The amendment makes it like a motor bike latest model. So we wait for what the original form later, "said Reiner.

By: Aditya Maulana - Okezone