Modifikasi Honda Karisma 125D

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Modifikasi Honda Karisma 125D

Honda Karisma 125D Modification Detail :

Tires-Front: Mizzle 90/80-17
Tires-Rear: 110/80-17 Tire Deli
-Velg: tread width Rochell Racing
Front-fender: Kaze zx 130
Rear-fender: Mio
-Spy: Honda Supra X 125
Jok-: re-design by Afas Jok
Rear-Shockbreaker: Kanzen Taurus
Standard side-Modify and change the middle and high shock big tires
Bracket-box: GIVI (* optional)
Chain-and Gir Set: TK combinations 14-37
-Oli: Repsol Moto 15W-50
Modifications motor not know the type. Honda Karisma which seemed to form the original 'plain' can also be dimodif model of vicious streetfighter. As Budi Udin Fakkar of Jatayu Motor Sport (JMS) on this one. He named his work of Shiva (read: Siwa). He mengartikannya god of creation.
Here, the characteristics ditonjolkan Budi street fighter duck through the strength of the bones knit. Especially in the backbone of the pipe Ducati Monster Tubular style, combined with the swing arm (swing arm) from a single Veltermoto (Italy). For foot-feet, "have a full set Velg NSR 150 SP. Senada order, comfort peranti alias also use NSR shock," said builder who is fond fitness.


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