Modifikasi Yamaha Byson 2010 Body Kit

Modifikasi Yamaha Byson 2010 Body Kit
Modifikasi Yamaha Byson 2010 Body Kit

For Lusep Sugiharto, a modified Yamaha Byson was tricky. "It's easy because the shape is nice but also so difficult for fear that dimodif even worse than the standard," he said directly from Cirebon, West Java.

Bender-waving modifiers of complex commercial IQ Motor CBC, Block F1, Cirebon is using fiberglass as the material foundation making body kit. Certainly, almost all parts of the body can touch.

For example the tank. "The shape does still follow the original design Byson, but the condom is regenerated with air hole lattice accent," says this bespectacled man.

Indeed, the end result of bodywork is designed to make Byson a new look more sporty and modern. "Because it is attached to the body design kit is now also refers to the model of the future and remain in the corridor MEFRIK," explained the man who just opened shop in Cirebon after a long time in Jakarta. Other creations are in the manufacture of headlamp cover. "Created as the main light was a robot head. A little inspired by the Transformers," he said.

With a red color that are mixed silver in this section. Also supported the design that fits, his opinion was acceptable.

Not only that, the stern also been redesigned. "The side was made more robust with a concept seat that can be single and also double," added Lusep he said if you want to lift, rear seat cover that you want can be removed easily.

The final step so that the initial concept had been successfully realized, of course, the selection of an appropriate color. "I want to be bothered baseball. Just a simple combination of red, black and silver,"said Lusep excited.