Modifikasi Yamaha Scorpio Street fighter Techno
Modifikasi Yamaha Scorpio Street fighter Techno
On the tempo almost 10 years since the birth of modification streetfighter (SF) in Indonesia, a new flow reappeared. "I call the New Techno Fighter. Characteristics still wearing a small body but tend to lead to a form of motor concept a little extra bold colors. Unlike old who likes to wear dark colors frightening," open Harjito, owner and builder of Custom Moto (MC), Banjarnegara, Central Java.

It appears from visual, builder claim a slang called HJM aka Metal Harjito are also likely still double sitter design applications. Euts, wrong! Apparently only the accent body double, single rider remains.

Back to the concept in question builder new bride, the New Techno Fighter is a solid body design front. Not just part of the tank, but until ajrutan front as well. This is a feature of the New Techno by HJM.

Form a kind of quasi-front is characterized as motor bike concept future. Solid design into a single unit, including the handlebars which is wrapped not eat on the spot. Lha, wrong! That is, already look no further part in the steering shaft. Concise and memorable motor clean which is characteristic of the future. For all these applications, HJM pretty clever. Because only a mere appearance, a function not apply modern devices.

Create headlights, HJM taken from a Honda Karisma. Simple impression is a step to give the impression of a clean on the front. At the same time the cover features a great ass earlier.

So turn signal lights or sein deliberately stuck on the tank shroud. In addition to width and the shape of the tank, as well as a place holder multifunction sein. Smart!

Bodi also remain impressed simple and small. "Because it wanted to look like a bulldog motorcycles, solid in front and behind the brief," this energetic man argument.

Finishing on the body, select airscoop simple and flat. Modifikasi Yamaha Scorpio Street fighter Techno Simple taper shape and dimensions of the machine features a large standard. Obviously again this form completely new concept in the realm of SF

Knacks kinclong

HJM select impression rehearsal with a choice of devices subject to a touch of chrome. Rarely do other modifier. Engine block right-left and upper engine panel rehearsal with the liquid chrome. Not only that, also got labur segelondong engine red for detail which is clearly visible.

Shades of sleek chrome look also at the touch of that certainly makes kinclong. Unfortunately HJM underestimates the value of rehearsal in total. Exhaust header from the neck to the middle, why not follow chromated. However, if this section is made rehearsal join it looks, the starch would have more value.

"Deliberately select large models with two perforation in the muffler. Modifikasi Yamaha Scorpio Street fighter Techno, In addition to the modern model is also handsome, fit the aesthetic dimensions of the motor," said Harjito try to explain the form of exhaust work.