Honda Jazz "Catchy" JDM

Most people buy a car for everyday motoring. Different as James, All-New Honda Jazz RS 2009 that he bought it for future workshops display body kit and sound system will be developed in the middle of this year. Hence, flow modification is not extreme, but more on elagan.


What's interesting about this change, the front fender on the left and right patterned Kevlar, although only a layer. Meanwhile, the original fender still on the body.

Here, modifying prove that he had an understanding about JDM or Japanese domestic market. Although not yet meet the expectations of the functions of a fender made from Kevlar.

Looking interior, the area was already racing style look. There mounted 4 point roll bar. Interestingly, iron bars chromatised, although welding-weld connection is still visible. Views were deliberately maintained as a feature of race cars details. Construction points are not arbitrary, although only for style.

Then, a pair of one-style racing seats, from brand Cuga Bride. James chased up to Malaysia and had to spend USD 22 million, not including rail. Nationals to Malaysia was chosen because in Singapore, this product is more expensive USD 3 million more.

Overall, it looks pretty serious, and catchy. Perhaps, it would be perfect and in accordance with modification of characters that look a little wing when the engine racing and the feet were components of competition.