Honda CS-1 AYAGO RACING LOOK klaten Modified


Agus Bekti not to be outdone by his club-mates in the longer Failed Modif Delanggu modifkasi bustling with stylish racing look. Honda CS-1 AYAGO RACING LOOK "Basically I've Amendment with drag liaran, so that there is a trend of iron horses drag the beautiful dress I was kind of follow-up application modif style gini," chortled Tepoz bersapaan this guy. For starters modifnya doi focus on machining.

Collaboration with the intake manifold karbu Koso PWK 28 mm sufficient supply of fresh fuel into the combustion chamber. "I've certainly Offal oprek daily match any style," added resident Gatak, Delanggu, Klaten.

Handmade exhaust free flow style Delanggu Abenk make more steady engine sound when lauched. Basic Honda CS-1 are identical with the more obviously sporty duck genitals during whole body cover dilengser.

"What I lef cuman talaga stern body, that I've wrote a custom in such a way to fit the style of racing," explained Daytona cash gas users. On the sector front spakbor which then must be cut to align with the front cover Satria FU without a headlamp.

"If it not so clear gini ayago racingnya figure," sure doi. The legs are upgraded with TAD almu rim 17 ". Both discs front or back of the grimy dropout Supra X 125. The work was finally closed with a white basecoat with a minimalist graphic scratches green color matching the entire frame which also has digebyur green color. DNR


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